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I am Felix Heber,
a Dresden based Web-Dev with a feeling for design.

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React, Vue.js & Drupal.

Shopware, GraphQl and PHP.

Twig, Smarty, Grav, and of course CSS, HTML, JS/jQuery

Do i need to mention Node, Composer, and Webpack?

I also helped out on Contao & Typo3 and did Squarespace Templating.

The agency i am working for:


Works by E-Fork

Working in a Web Agency. Frontend, Backend and sometimes Design.

I develop Websites and Webapps based on Drupal, React and Vue.js. Currently using node, webpack, sass and of course git. Within the years I was able to work with several interesting coorporations - such as greenpeace magazine, Dok Leipzig, Deutscher Bibliotheksverband, Hadi Teherani and many more.


Dual Studies, Bachelor of Science Medieninformatik.

After realising that University life is nothing i like, i decided to attend Dual studies. E-Fork hired me, and i learned to develop, conceptualize, design and host Websites. I wrote my Bachelors Thesis about performance optimization of web applications.


Shopware, Marketing, and IT-Support for Spar-Land.

For me, family is very important. This is why i always support my families company Spar-Land.

One day a week I am responsible for a Shopware Shop. Frontend, Backend as well as Google Advertising, Google Merchant Connection and everything else is my cup of tea. We managed to get over 2.500 Orders in our first Year.

I am also responsible for the companies cooperate Design, which is updated partly.

Secondary Skills